Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I'm back, better than ever!

I want to be straight.
I made this blog in the first place because, well, I was scared. It was about a year ago when I realized that something was amiss in the world. I had no job, and my dads commercial real estate firm was starting to die. It was here when I realized that I needed money--fast! I knew that I had no skills and that looking like Grizzly Adams would get me nowhere fast, so I looked to the Internet to find some cash.

I opened up a Rifftrax business with good friend, John Carter (Captain Quazar and Lady Elastica, if you watch the Attack From Space video), that was unofficially called 'Ones And Ones of Dollars Productions' for obvious reasons. I produced a few, despite the Rifftrax site having problems, and made a total of about $26. A good amount for saving the financial lives of my family.

Sadly, very sadly, the buissness folded in the middle of March 2010, and my dad went to live with his girlfriend, while I went to live with my aunt, who would not allow me to eat beef, fish, poultry, salt, sugar, or flour, nor would she embrace technology like the rest of the world would. Computers keep me from chores, apparently, because that's all I did there. I had little time to find a job, I had no where else to go, and I was stuck at her house, not writing, but vacuuming, dusting, and watering 7,000 acres of land because a sprinkler system apparently costs a zillion dollars.

It was like that for seven months. With what little escape I got, I hammered out 50 pages of combined work on a paperback sized page at a 10 pt font size. Not good.
That's where being jobless without a high school diploma gets you kids. Stuck with your crazy aunt who's some kind of bizarre possession-hording vegan thing!

Anyway, seven months later, I was invited to live with my grandparents, each who work at universities, and have the degrees to prove themselves. I took it and went with them to Pleasant Grove in Utah. Now, although I still do chores, I have access to my computer and can write to my hearts content. Yay!

I reopened this blog and spruced it up because I read that some publishers won't allow anyone, anyone to be published unless they have an internet following. Since I'm trying to take my novels seriously, I figured that it would not hurt at all to take that advice and build this blog up as a base of literary operations--Deviant Art being for my visual work.

So, from everyone at LevithorArts, which would only be me, I want to welcome you back to my blog, where I'll post stories, essays, updates, book reviews and other things related to my writing.

Have fun!


  1. Good to see you on your blog again :)
    You've did a very great job at decorating the site's visuals.

  2. Hey thanks. :)
    Hope to see you around here more too.