Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Relevant Facts For Your Interest

I am unable to stress how relevant, thought provoking and vitally important these
facts are for every day life. To survive without these facts threatens your very way
if life and will guarantee with a 86.3254 % accuracy that you shall fail if the opportunity is refused.

With much trepidation, let us begin.

--Fact: Caulk is 24.3 % silicone, 19.3 % polyurethane, and 56.4 % marshmallow.
--Fact: Space has an unpleasant, and bitter taste. It can be compared to gunpowder, dust, or first generation Mountain Dew Game Fuel.
--Fact: In 20 years precisely, Moby will look identical to John Malkovitch.
--Fact: Glen Quagmire is an extremely confused and raging homosexual that has yet to correctly process his orientation.
--Fact: James Cameron wanted to call his fictional mineral for Avatar: "Metallica," but he figured that the rock group would throw a fit.
--Fact: The only natural enemy to the hole is the pile. This is untrue, as Hole is the only natural enemy to Kurt Cobain's fans.
--Fact: Pi does not equal 3.41. It's trillionth digit, 8, takes precedence and rounds the constant out to 4.
--Fact: Root Canals without Novocaine will produce a glorious fright wig appearance; perfect for those last minute Halloween parties.
--Fact: The difference between surf music and spy music is a major and minor chord.
--Fact: The event, "The Millennium Falcon" refers to a rare bird flu outbreak that only affects birds that occurred on January 1st, 2000.
--Fact: A weblink is another name for a Tektite's dinner.
--Fact: Adam West's original Batmobile was in actuality a lightly modified Ford Futuama car.
--Fact: The "PS" in Photoshop is a recursive backronym for "Photoshop Stolen," and is most likely GIMP'ed.
--Fact: The binominal nomenclature name for Bugs Bunny is "Stinkitus Ainticus."
--Fact: Octopus Prime has eight robot-tentacles.
--Fact: Fiber Optics are actually woven eyeballs.
--Fact: Many motherboards are stripped of their young RAM boards by the hour. It is said they are poached and sold for their processing power.
--Fact: It is proven that if one swallows their weight in magnets, they will gain the ability to fly. If more is consumed, they will repel from the Earth and die in space.
--Fact: The CMYK color model is named after SyeimYick, who was known to frollic about and paint pink, yellow or black moustaches on paintings
--Fact: The radiation from a Sand Stone will turn Eevee into a Sandslash.
--Fact: It behooves you to not confuse these facts with Uncle John's Running Feet.
--Fact: Interplanet Janet is a robot meant to populate other planets with her spores. That's why there's never been a planet she hasn't seen.
--Fact: According to most advanced algorithms, the world’s best name for a dog is Saliva.
--Fact: A DNS error is when a PC can't get a name for an IP address. A DNF error is when Duke Nukem Forever is released.
--Fact: Lori Beth Denberg has nothing on my very important and highly relevant facts.

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