Saturday, February 13, 2010

Attack From Space Trailer

Full movie + riffs here: Join your pals, Captain Quasar, and his young sidekick, Paul, for their thrilling adventures from your home in America, to the moon, to the deepest depths of outer space! On today?s adventure, we find our heroes stuck in a bog after being lured in by their vicious enemy, Dr. Lincoln Dark, who?s trying to obtain a mystical idol for his own dastardly plans! How will our heroes escape? What does Dr. Dark want with the mystical idol? And just who is this odd shape changer who lurks in the darkness? Find out on this exhilarating episode of Captain Quasar! John Carter -------- Captain Kent Quasar Toby Gard -----------------------------Paul Desmond Rudyard ------- Lady Elastica Hugh Thaxter --------- Dr. Lincoln Dark Music by

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  1. When you'll finally solved your PC problems, do you have any intention to putting this full movie in RiffTrax? I'm not quite sure, cause according to the Riff site, it seems that your account got deactivated :/