Saturday, February 13, 2010

Levithor Riffs presents - I Want to Be a Secretary

I'm trying to put out shorts either every weekend,
or every other weekend, whichever works best for me.
Plans for full length movies are different, I'm still
doing those sporadically, but hey, at least with the shorts
I can build charisma and make the end product of the
movies a lot better.

Anyway, I Want to Be a Secretary dates back to September 19th of '09.
It was the first short that I wanted to do, but I found it
kinda tedious, so it sat on my HD for a while, until I got
sick of looking at it and having it mock me for being both
unfinished, AND taking up space, so I finished it up, and
found the process to be far easier after having a couple
ephemeral shorts under my belt.

Anyway, here's the Secretary vid.

Oh, I wanted to avoid sexism jokes for the
most part in favor of being more silly.

Here's what I put on to attract posts:

Alright, my second TGWTG blog showcases a short that has been mocking me since day seven of my Rifftrax operations. There it sat on my measly and decrepit 50 gig HD, all sixty four megabytes of it.

Of course, what do I do with riffs that intimidate me? Why, I honorably let them sit around as I work on different things as the need to finish it festers and grows in my mind. I let the movie files sit and further fragment my poor HD as I giggle helplessly and watch a cat messing with a cardboard box on Youtube, ignoring that sense of incompleteness in the back of my mind.

The problem though, is that it was there... mocking me, saying that I would be able to riff Manos before attempting that vile Coronet short that I had chosen (keep an eye out for my Manos riff, by the way). I had had enough and I grabbed the short by the horns and ripped it a new one, thinking about how I would explain my story with less cliches than I was coming up with while writing.

Know what happened?

I finished the short with a rattled mind, exhausted hands, ridden with carpel tunnel, and a divine understanding that nine times three is twenty one. It was a hard battle to riff that fifteen minute short, but I came out on top, claiming victory for the made up name of Levithor.

The battle that was not hyperbolic in the least was won... but what new challenges await on the horizon between syndicated re-posts of my earlier shorts? I see movies with cheap costumes, bad choreography, starfish aliens, and celebrities with horrid rolls as far as the eye can see.

I may have won the battle with this short about a pre World War II woman looking for then-sensible job opportunities, but the war of riffing bad movies has just begun... and i weep for the horrors that they may bring...

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