Sunday, February 7, 2010

I gave in...

I avoided blogs and twitter and such for a long time, mostly because I figured that blogging and Twittering ammounted to telling people when you had gone to Ralphs (or Kroger, or Acme, or Food-4-Less, or what have you) and what you got there, or the ever more popular topic of ones mating habits and the tragedies behind them that no one cares about.

Anyway, much like Linkara, I made this as a source for telling peeps about the releases for my Rifftrax, literature, or some behind the scenes aspects, the latter I might start with.

Right, here is some of the equipment I use for my art, literature, and Rifftrax:

My Com'pooper (damn you Rugrats!) is:
a 32 bit Windows XP machine with SP3,
Intel Celeron 330 single core processor,
1.5 gigs of DDR Ram,
GeForce FX 5500,
60 GB Hitachi DeskStar hard drive
Toshiba DVD drive SD-M1212
Lite-On CDRW SOHR-4838S
Intel PC Camera pro (CS430)
Gigaware 43-220

All on a eMachines T3624

My software is
Gimp 2.6.8
Mozilla Firefox 3.5.7
Audacity 1.2.6
Daz Studio
Premier Elements 2
Microsoft Word 11.0.8169.0

With all that in this day and age, it's a wonder how I'm so prolific.

Anyway, watch for Rifftrax, my fiction, and other such goodies in the comming future.


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