Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Pink Lemon Hell (Or: The Horror of NaNoWriMo) Part 4

As of THIS writing, I have 15300 words, 12000 more than last week. Woo-Hoo!
My writing is coming along fine and I even made up for the gap that my *twitch* Gateway Computers experience left.  The story is really picking up. Some minor changes that I made, for long time PL readers, is that the former Sergei Slade character is renamed to Bill Garner. The Sergei Slade name was given to the former Dr. Lincoln Dark--because the pun was bloody wretched!
Also, I extended the plot in a couple of ways. I combined the stories with Anne and Bridget into one conglomeration, well, I actually just introduced Bridget earlier. I had a conflict with myself about making the PL stories episodic, and finally just dropped that in order to emphasize that it's one 600 (700?) page book split into three parts where they can each stand on their own. Tolkien would be pissed at me.
Oh yeah, Sarra became stretchy. Yes, the EnWol Gauntlets (formally the PL/CC earrings) had their elasticity stripped from them, but why did it affect both pairs when only one pair, the one that Lora would eventually receive, was caught in the previous drafts? It didn't make that much sense, so Sarra's stretchy now; I guess technically gooey.
I also had another idea while writing the outline. That portal that Anne creates, what does it do? Where did it go? How can I exploit that into something interesting? So yeah, our heroes get sucked into the Anne's portal. To where it leads, we'll find out soon.


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