Wednesday, November 17, 2010

PL Hell 5

sorry for the lack of writing blog, my essay skills suck, so I'm going to hone them a bit more.
That and with the holidays, plus NaNaWriMo, new PC software along with the hardware, my GED and stuff getting in the way, it makes it tough to get anything done.
I might practice essays that are not in a story format for a while, and then get back to writing some things I learned from my writing probably in January. I'm not going to say that I forgot this blog again, because then the 404 monster will deny me access to this board and impart thoughts in my head pertaining to getting a proper life, and we don't want THAT to happen, do we?

Anyway, I have 27164 words as of this writing. Sarra is elastic and being a jerk about it, Lora's trying her best, Tench is a dork, yet competent, and so is Levan, but in a different way. Bridget came by to fight, since I needed more action, and she's a holy terror, to the point of looking like that literally; a holy terror. I didn't know she was going to do that, but it was fun to "watch." Lora actually passed out for a second and banged her shoulder.

Anyway, yeah. I need to write some more, obviously, but I noticed that some scenes lack feeling and fall short. I told instead of showed. I need to keep those in mind and extend those scenes out so that I can convey the feeling properly.

For those who like Cindy, or learned to like her in the snip it of the rewrite,she's not gone, she still has the same role. She's just more like Chekhov's gun rather than the partner now so that LORA could be the PROTAGONIST. The problem now is that Sarra and her struggle with being a cocky hero is turning out to be more interesting, so I need to do something for Lora.

Okay guys, that's about it for now.
I'm going to high five a shark later today, woo hoo! but before that's done, I am going to write, because I should be writing.(Thanks, Mur for providing me with a guilt trip mantra.)

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