Monday, November 29, 2010

PL Hell 7: Finished w/pt. 1 (EARLY!)

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I... am done. My Pink Lemon story is finished.
This was a crazy, crazy month, what with the holidays, my trying to get my GED, my first snow (I'm from Southern California; I'm now 20 miles south of Salt Lake City), getting a job (I got laid off from the metal shop :( ), and the pressure of rewriting my own mythology so that it makes sense were all looming over my head.

What I'm going to do now, aside of proclaim that I'm going to Disneyland and not actually do it, is stick in a few plot threads, and finish up some editing. Afterward, I think I'll put it away for about a month and finish up 2FOTS. This detour was nice, but I've been kept from 2FOTS for a while now... I'm still sick of it, but man, do I want to see it published.  When that month, or so is up, I'll take it out again, and read through it. Then, I'll take out my red pen and my (grandmas) copy of Self-Editing for Fiction Writers by Renni Browne and Dave King, and put it into a more readable form.

Hey, considering the mythology that I laid out, writing a drive for Samuel Campbell will be a bit easier, however batshit insane he is, anyway.

In other news, unless either I or a lot of people see a GLARING and INTOLERABLE error in this first story, I think that this might be the very last time that I write the Anne Redford the Psychic Girl plot for the sake of refining the story (I'll jump to write a screenplay any day). I think that it's done. I think that I hit the nail on the head this time and pounded  it in so that it contributes to the overall home that my stories of Levithor inhibit. This is it, guys. I think that I am done.

I'll release it soon, hopefully to

Oh, Dragonforce, Dragonforce, Dragonforce for Pink Lemon!

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