Wednesday, November 24, 2010

PL Hell 6 (PANIC!)

I am 37457 words into this gig and I have been (non Nano) busy! I have moved again (I got a room within the same house; I was kicked out of the basement) and got a swank 'L' shaped desk to put my stuff on proper. My iPhone broke after updating to the new firmware (I have a basic 3G), but iTunes was nice enough to back it up before updating, but it was at the cost of devouring my podcasts... again. It's fine now, I got it working and got everything back, bar the Geek Fu Action Grip archives. I also got a Windows Vista laptop to call my own, sort of. No more WinXP...yay?

Anyway, I am panicking in a bad way because my NaNo work is falling behind. I'm panicking in a good way because I decided to write this PL story from the start by *gasp* giving my characters free will instead of directing their personalities like puppets. Why am I panicking over that? I don't know what they are going to do. They stuck to the outline as planned, but a lot of characters, heroes and villains alike seem to want to storm off going 'screw this! There's other people around, let them deal with it!' What makes them not want to do this, I have yet to figure out.
  I also went by the idea that, the first thought is usually the best one. Looking back, I never really did that and my work probably read a little stale because of it. I used the fourth or fifth idea and my characters weren't able to be themselves -- and I didn't realize that!
  I think that the good panic boils down to my being the director and being totally unsure of where this is going. I have a story, yes, they're sticking to it because of events seeded in whatever would logically be "the beginning" of the story, obviously, but the free will my characters possess is frightening me, but I also want to see where it all ends up. 
  I'm seeing also where my influences came from and they are shining in spades here. Dean Koontz, the DCAU (Tim Daly & Kevin Conroy, FTW!), Solitaire Deuce, TranceKuja2k, Daria and Quinn Morgendorffer, The City by Vangelis,and a little, very little bit of Monty Python. Maybe a little Elise Riggs and Allegra Sauvagess.
  This is pretty exciting, seeing where the story is turning up, where it's mood is headed, and how the characters will, or won't get out of it alive.
  I'm going to finish this sucker up, and hope that I make it to 40,000 words by the weekend--or tomorrow!!

Wish me luck,
(Must... close... Wonderella tab!)

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